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Fanart of Tessa Grey, from scottfalco's Story of the Soul!

I did her with her old outfit, because I actually started this a while ago. ^^;

Bwaaaa, I’m really happy to be getting more tablet practice in, so I went a little crazy with the shades and highlights, she looks quite shiny. ‘XD

Awesome, always love fanart! And yeah her outfits not too different anyway

So with the callbacks of the Tessa audition I gave them an animated storyboard to dub. This’ll be probably from the 2nd or 3rd short, but I think it’s amusing in it’s own.

So I was officially diagnosed with depression this week,

and I’ve been trying not to let it bother me which I realize is silly.

I mean I’ve always been overly emotional, as the internet knows I’ve made a plethora dramatic posts and complaints and the like. I’ve actually managed to scare off most of if not all of my friends lately. After the issue with the house and being screwed out of money, and lied to by my “best friends” I became less trusting of people, to the point where now I’m introverted. After passing out on my route at the USPS the other day I was brought to the doctor and told of this. 

But I guess being “diagnosed” with it and making it official makes me feel weak. I’ve never been good with emotions. I’m not exactly sure howto feel. I miss… people, but at the same time I don’t and I just wanna hide and do work, I mean, I know it supposedly sucks to be alone but since I’ve been alone, I’ve made progress on Sig and Tessa, I’ve drawn a lot more (hell even just this little doodle of me being confused), and I started my new Megadaman channel (Whichll have a video today, I got new editing software and it took me a bit to figure out producey stuff). 

It’s just really weird, I honestly was contempt with work, and when I got diagnosed, then well, I felt depressed. Part of me that I hate keeps saying “You’re working to get famous, that way your old friends will feel bad for the way they treated you”. Which scares me. True my friends weren’t perfect or those awesome sitcom-esque friends. They were nice, but I expected too much and forced that onto them. Then freaked out and pushed em away cuz it’s easier.

I guess TL;DR. I was doing all right, then got diagnosed with depression and now all of my thoughts are confusing me. I feel like I’m second guessing myself. I really love the work I’ve been putting out but is it for the wrong reasons?

If anyone has gone through stuff like this I’d greatly appreciate some feedback or messages. Thanks for reading!

future-spray asked:

I've seen a few artists I follow recently start moving to Toon Boom instead of Flash. Can I ask why you think it might be better in the long run?

It has a lot more features to make a feel like an actual “production” so to speak. You can also tilt the stage which I really enjoy, whenever I draw on paper I always rotate it a bunch. 

I haven’t played around with it too too much, and only watched a few tutorials so I’ve really on scratched the surface of it.


TOME Episode 11: Year One by Chris Niosi 



A year has passed since the public release of the world’s most successful virtual reality game, TOME…and a certain group of brave players have been through an incredible experience during even just a portion of that time. To celebrate, the creators of TOME at Netking Software have chosen to throw a special anniversary event taking place in the ;Sanctuary region. Players from all over the world gather together, hoping to win a contest with a spectacular opportunity as the prize! Little does the game’s populous know…that a dangerous threat is still looming on the horizon.

Created by Chris “Kirbopher” Niosi, with music by Weston “Kajetokun” Durant and Yoav “TheLivingTombstone” Landau, featuring special guests Benjamin Diskin (Codename: Kids Next Door), Bryce Papenbrook (Attack on Titan), Jon St. John (Duke Nukem) and Mona Marshall (South Park).

Like the official TOME Facebook page!

Follow the creator, Chris Niosi, on Twitter!

Download the series’ music from the TOME Bandcamp!

Buy TOME merchandise from Level Up Studios!

TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise, is a Flash-Animated webseries about a futuristic virtual reality game from the year 2020. The story focuses on five players in the world of TOME, who become wrapped up in the activity of some bizarre hackers, searching the game for an item called “The Forbidden Power”. Follow the adventures of our heroes, Alpha, Kirbopher, Flamegirl, Gamecrazed and Nylocke in the Terrain of Magical Expertise!

Chris Niosi is an animation artist from New York, known for his +100 cartoons on sites like Newgrounds, as well as voicework in various anime and video games. He is also a proud partner of the Channel Frederator network!

If you’re not already following it or watching it, the second season of TOME has started and it’s fantastic. Great job Kirb, love the work you put out


Anonymous asked:

When is the first episode of the story of the soul going to come out?

Well it depends on how the Sig and Tessa shorts do. As soon as I get a VA for Tessa I’m going to pump out the first short. And I’ll keep doing those once a month. When I think I’ve gotten to a style I like/Sig and Tessa have a decent following, I’ll start working on the first episode. The shorts actually lead up to the first episode

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