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Favourite animators: Shinya Ohira (大平晋也)

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peekaloo asked:

Any chance of you doing another drawstream? So we can see your awesome barrel drawing abilities? Sorry if I'm annoying you Q-Q

Well my youtube stream account got banned cuz I played copyrighted music, I may jump over to soon but ive been swamped lately

I did my best to mimic a Disney style to kinda celebrate the Disney buyout of maker (yes I know im late)

With how busy I am, I haven’t been drawing or animating as much. With the job changes that are coming up, I may be working at a post office for 60 hours a week to make bank, and finally start saving since animation isn’t paying the bills.

I dunno, I’ll always animate. But I kind of made this to remind myself, who I am, what my dream is. And hope that if I’m working 60 hours a week at a tough job, I’ll still want to pick up a pencil or tablet pen and make cartoons.

Recently we’ve been making our house an event place. We bought party lights and have been hosting parties and tournaments. We have a facebook page and I got this idea for a cover photo using our new lights, Greg shot and spliced it. I thought it looked cool, I’m the 3rd from the left, the 2nd blue guy

Online Girlfriend Applications are now open.


If you r a QT and have have at least 2 years of GF experience (Experience that u made up in ur mind is fine 2) then pls send me your application and a picture (the don’t have 2 be u but I need a pic. Any pix!)

Also, include ur top 3 Chinese cartoons that u lik. U will be graded.

PSS - u hav to like gud beer.

PSSS - u must be able 2 squat me. I hav no use 4 a gal whose legs a ren’t stronk enugh 2 run from the past

PSSSS - pls respond

Hirin nao as wel

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