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Favourite animators: Shinya Ohira (大平晋也)

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peekaloo asked:

Any chance of you doing another drawstream? So we can see your awesome barrel drawing abilities? Sorry if I'm annoying you Q-Q

Well my youtube stream account got banned cuz I played copyrighted music, I may jump over to soon but ive been swamped lately

I did my best to mimic a Disney style to kinda celebrate the Disney buyout of maker (yes I know im late)

With how busy I am, I haven’t been drawing or animating as much. With the job changes that are coming up, I may be working at a post office for 60 hours a week to make bank, and finally start saving since animation isn’t paying the bills.

I dunno, I’ll always animate. But I kind of made this to remind myself, who I am, what my dream is. And hope that if I’m working 60 hours a week at a tough job, I’ll still want to pick up a pencil or tablet pen and make cartoons.

Recently we’ve been making our house an event place. We bought party lights and have been hosting parties and tournaments. We have a facebook page and I got this idea for a cover photo using our new lights, Greg shot and spliced it. I thought it looked cool, I’m the 3rd from the left, the 2nd blue guy

Online Girlfriend Applications are now open.


If you r a QT and have have at least 2 years of GF experience (Experience that u made up in ur mind is fine 2) then pls send me your application and a picture (the don’t have 2 be u but I need a pic. Any pix!)

Also, include ur top 3 Chinese cartoons that u lik. U will be graded.

PSS - u hav to like gud beer.

PSSS - u must be able 2 squat me. I hav no use 4 a gal whose legs a ren’t stronk enugh 2 run from the past

PSSSS - pls respond

Hirin nao as wel




oh my god one of Sylvian Chomet’s animators Neil Boyle made this fucking amazing short film, I mean, it’s like 20min long but IT’S GOT SUCH PERFECT ANIMATION god I forgot how good good animation tastes. It’s so incredibly well done. It’s been so loooooong!

rofl I think we can all relate to this too hahaha


SUPERB….and it looks like it’s completely animated on ones!!? Jeepers that is impressive.

Such incredible sense of weight to the animation

Jesus, okay if only appreciating one thing, its the eyes. The entire thing is fantastic but holy, those eyes, such little details.

that drunken train station scene though

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