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Also in less scandalous related stuff, the Sig practice, Tessa audition, and Megadaman channel will be up if not tomorrow, then Friday. I say if not tomorrow because the Sig practice is done, I still gotta shoot an audition info video and I might get called into work. I also need to put the finishing touches to the first Megadaman channel video

But still, new shit coming this weekend, and then new stuff every week for the Megadaman channel, and once I get a voice actress for Tessa, a new Sig and Tessa short every month!

dokidokidev said: Scott you’re probably just better off not doing anything like that, and just keeping your neck out of this whole situation

Like I said it was just a silly idea I had on the subject, I got other shit I’m doing that I view as a million times more important


Anonymous asked:

Thoughts on the whole Zoey Quinn debacle?

I never like getting too preachy or political like 90% of my facebook/tumblr feed

However I was really tempted to make a cartoon that was kind of like a 90s sitcom called “Five guys and a game designer”. It was just gonna be really cheesy stuff like “But wait a minute, if you did… and I did.. and HE DID.. THEN… UH OH” if that gives ya a better insight on how I feel about the situation. But knowing my work pattern it wouldn’t of come out till next year where this will be just another happening

So this is like my first painted background in awhile. I got Manga studio 8. It’s pretty neat, but it can’t export transparency which is dumb. I really wanna layer this in the cartoon so the clouds can pan across the screen

It’s just kind of a grassy area outside of South Town’s gates, that white thingy is a big ol pillar that curls up towards a central gate

The practice vid will be out this week.

I know it’s a bit late

Originally I wasn’t gonna post anything. But I kept seeing things that made me feel sad. Robin Williams death hits pretty hard, as I’m sure it did with many people. For me, the man was immortalized when he played Genie in Aladdin. Aladdin to me, is my favorite animated film, and pretty much the defining reason why I got into 2d animation. More specifically, the song, sung by Robin williams, Friend like me. The song in the movie, so fun, so lively, so… well, animated. I’ve yet to see 3d capture anywhere near the amount of literal magic that scene produced for me. The man was also a fan of one of my favorite series, The legend of Zelda.

Hell I even had Zelda williams and Robin himself like and comment on my photo I made of the two of them awhile back. You were a big deal to me Robin, I watch Aladdin at least once a month, the next time will be a bit difficult. I’m gonna miss you Genie, and Zelda I wish you all the best in this trying time



Anonymous asked:

How old are you? are you self taught?

Currently I’m 22, I’ll be 23 this November, so in a few months.

I’m self taught for the most part. I took a summer class on animation forever ago. It taught me very basic things, I then went into learning FBF animation by myself and looked at a few articles/tutorials online for other things.

I went to chicago for a year to attend the Illinois institute of art. I took animation courses there that taught me what I already knew, and took a few that taught me new things. 

So other than those few courses and the initial class, I’m self taught. I’d say probably 80% self taught

The new channel, and the regular

Originally I was gonna release the practice this weekend, but I just got a LORE that’s due Monday so I’ll be working on that. The practice will be out next week, alongside the launch of the new channel of mine, “Megadaman”, it’ll host League of Legends videos I do, like the ones I have on my regular channel but once a week, and basically anything that isn’t related to my animation. 

The Megadaman channel will also have a few voice projects, such as the League of Legends frozen parody I did. There will be more song parodies, and a few original works as well. The Megadaman channel will update once a week, sometimes with a parody, sometimes with flat gameplay, sometimes with a mix.

My regular channel will also be getting an upgrade. After the practice is released and I find a voice actress for Tessa, I will be updating my channel with a Sig and Tessa short once a month (with other works here and there)

I’ve actually got some time management down now, and spending time on League is getting footage for the new channel. So I’m pretty excited for the upcoming months.

More of the Sig practice,
I know it’s nothing amazing, but I just really love how this has been coming out. I don’t know if it’s just cuz I’ve done more frames than normal, more little quirks, or simply because it’s some original work from me instead of parodies.

The practice will be on Youtube this weekend alongside the video for casting Tessa and promoting my new channel that’ll host video game stuff. Which will have a league video to go with the launch of course haha

I’m so excited to start doing Sig and Tessa shorts


I had a lot to get off my chest about producing animation on YouTube and why the system now works entirely against animators.  If you have 8 minutes, I’d appreciate you hear me out on this one.  While I might be fortunate enough to have Grumps to keep me afloat, there’s a lot of other channels that don’t have that same fortune.  Give this a share around guys, this is a subject that not many people other than the content creators are aware about.

Update for August!

So I moved, AGAIN, I’m at my dad’s but he’s moving the end of august, and I’ll be staying here rent free for about 6 months. Long story short, he’s paying off the mortgage, moving somewhere smaller, and as long as I pay utilities I can stay here as long as I don’t trash the place, I can also have roommates and charge THEM rent, and earn some extra scratch if need be.

House drama feel to skip
But, I think I’m going to go hermit for those 6 months. The house I moved out of I moved in with my 2 best friends, Alex and Greg. Alex is an entirely different person now, we don’t really have much in common anymore. Greg’s kind of out grown me, or I’ve out grown him, I dunno. I don’t wanna get into that too much. The non lease owners we had there did nothing but screw us over in the end. The two that were with us in the end refused to pay the last utility bills, and accused me of stealing rent money.
Okay back to shit you may care about

Aside from house drama, now that I’m all settled in again, I’ve started working on cartoons again. The plan is still to finish this Sig practice animation, hold auditions for Tessa, and open a new channel to host gameplay and videos. Basically anything that isn’t animation. I got someone to help edit the gameplay videos, so it shouldn’t distract from animation.

Other cartoons I’ve been mulling over are mostly all Sig & Tessa shorts. There’s the original 60 second spot I wanted to do to really introduce the duo and show their dynamic. I also have a few just quirky ideas like the two of them fighting a giant slime monster. How the two of them interrogate someone, and a villain’s diabolical security system.

I also still plan on doing tiny video game things. I was really contemplating doing a few Rhythm Leagues. Where I’d take the games from Rhythm heaven, and put League of Legends characters to it. It’d be fun and good practice, since I got some new animation and background painting programs. (Toon boom pro and Manga studio to those wondering)

So, TL;DR. I’m settled into my new house. I’m settled into my job at the USPS. New channel incoming. New cartoons incoming. Sig and Tessa finally getting screen time.


Tomodachi life’s pretty cool1. Waluigi and Ms. Pauling’s romantic date2. Sig, Tessa, and Zelda laying down the fresh beats on Happy Mask salesman’s crew of Anna and Snake3. Link and Ganondorf practice their OoT boss fight
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Tomodachi life’s pretty cool1. Waluigi and Ms. Pauling’s romantic date2. Sig, Tessa, and Zelda laying down the fresh beats on Happy Mask salesman’s crew of Anna and Snake3. Link and Ganondorf practice their OoT boss fight
Zoom Info
Tomodachi life’s pretty cool1. Waluigi and Ms. Pauling’s romantic date2. Sig, Tessa, and Zelda laying down the fresh beats on Happy Mask salesman’s crew of Anna and Snake3. Link and Ganondorf practice their OoT boss fight
Zoom Info

Tomodachi life’s pretty cool

1. Waluigi and Ms. Pauling’s romantic date
2. Sig, Tessa, and Zelda laying down the fresh beats on Happy Mask salesman’s crew of Anna and Snake
3. Link and Ganondorf practice their OoT boss fight

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