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So the Sig practice video

is gonna be an update video of sorts. Since it’ll be talking about DSG2, Story of the Soul shorts, and a Tessa voice actor.

I also think I’ll be announcing a new channel I’m making that will solely host any video game related things like Let’s play, or to be frank, the League videos I’ll be posting. Because I’ve been recording a lot of games and I got friends who wanna edit em, so we’ll see how that goes!

I’m really trying to get a lot more stuff out there. This way even when I play league it can hopefully become an amusing video. But the people subscribed to me for my animations won’t have to groan as there’s more filler on the channel!

The lineart for part of the Sig practice I’m doing.
I was super proud how the lineart came out, I zoomed into 165% with the small brush and I think it gave a nice clean line compared to most of my animations!

Plus I was pretty amused by how much Sig is animated in this short area, just by including extra facial movements like quick eye movements and whatnot

The practice will go up on youtube but it won’t count as a patreon thing.
It’s mostly because after the animation I’ll be talking about voice actor tryouts and such
*fixed sideburns

talkingshadow asked:

Hey Scott, I've followed your art for years now and just wanted to say you've been an inspiration to me for getting into flash animation. I also see you play LoL, which is awesome! And after all this time, your art has improved greatly too. Keep being amazing and never stop drawing! :D

Thank you, really.
I’ve been having such a hard time with art lately. I’ve been stressed from work, my best friend doesn’t wanna talk to me anymore, I had to completely change my sleep schedule and lifestyle, and again, I’m moving.

It’s been really hard to pick up the tablet pen lately, but little things like this get me so fired up. So seriously, thank you.


Anonymous asked:

Hey, Scotty. Mind if I call you you that? No? Whatever. This is totally not an update question. But, what do you plan on uploading next for the channel? League? Some general animation? So. Yeah.

The next animation is gonna be the little story of the soul practice I showed the story board of. Hopefully I can find a voice actor for Tessa then I’d love to do a short with Sig and Tessa.

So I’m taking a break from DSG2, im just not having fun working on it anymore to be honest. Normally I’d power through it but lately I’ve been coming home from work with almost no energy. So until I really get situated at the USPS I’m gonna keep my mind on smaller things.
Plus I hate seeing my channel die.

I’m just doing some practice. And I wanna do something with Sig, animated, and also hold tryouts for Tessa since I never got a voice actress for her. I have a small short I REALLY wanna do with the two of them.

But I’m trying to be more detailed in my storyboards, so I can zoom in and do line art closer so it looks neater. We’ll see how it turns out.
Also working on having a bit more animated characters. Bigger actions, and little things like quick expression changes.


Anonymous asked:

Its episode 3. Cheeseburger backpack

Ya I watched it last night. I guess I KIND OF see it but not really. The only thing that reminded me of myself was the “that sounds reasonable!” Line or whatever it was after Steven talked about the gems adventures

terminalmontage said: I really like Tessa’s hair, and face and.. her whole head looks fantastic.

Thanks! Yeah I’ve been having a lot of fun designing Tessa lately.
I think she’s more aesthetically pleasing but Sig is an overall more enjoyable character to watch

A doodle of the recent design of Sig and Tessa. Mostly the same, Tessa’s sporting a few new garbs. Sig no longer has a hooded vest. He’s sporting his carry bag again and has a holster for his stretchsword (which will be more detailed later instead of a black strap/box on his left leg)

The main thing I try for with this duo is for them to compliment each other. They’ll be together so much I feel it’ll be a good choice aesthetically.

For instance. Sig is tall and lanky. Stick arms and legs, box body.
Whereas Tessa is somewhat curvy, a circular face. She also has some lighter/warmer colors to contrast Sig’s darker/cooler colors.

I just wanted some practice since I’ve been working a ton and not really animating. But good lord do I wanna pump out a short with these two.
DSG2 has hit that point where it’s a chore to work on.

Still, the first part’s almost done, so I’ll get that done and then decide it’s fate. Greg and I also have a few projects we’re doing


Anonymous asked:

What do you think of Riot turning Rengar from a ferocious tiger stalking his prey like the idiotic worms they are, into an itty bitty kitty with no claws?

4 dorans

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